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Story by believeflower
You've Got Mail (Or, why Sidney Crosby is a better person than Alex Ovechkin)

This is so perfectly Sid and right-on for Ovie. Great job and thank you. I too am a fan of Heart in Hand. Only Sid would be allergic to roses, be pissed at an interruption to his sleep schedule when Ovie shows up in person and let himself match drinks with a Russian. God, I love these two - perfectly made for each other. It was all just to make Sid suffer, and perhaps at some point, listen to what loosened in his heart and the fact that Sid thought about NOT having feelings toward Ovie means it's just a matter of time. I love it!
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Love those hockey players, too!

When reading both parts of the "Dissonance" story of Danny Briere and Claude Giroux on 2mins4slashing, I am reminded of my parents' advice to 'listen to your heart' when Danny turns down Claude's proposal of marriage and literally breaks his heart.

Oh, Danny, Danny, Danny, I can feel your fear way up here in Maine. Danny, think about how Claude just poured out his heart to you - he's crazy in love with you. He thought long and hard about the future, and he wants it to be with you. When Claude tells how it was Cam's calling him 'Dad' that clinched it for him, don't jump up and wait for your brain to catch up. Listen to your heart! If you can't picture a life without him, show Claude with the action of accepting marriage. Danny, did you ever hear how, in the 1930's, King Edward of England gave up the throne (abdicated) to marry the American divorcee that he loved? He didn't agonize or wait. He addressed the nation on the radio and told his subjects he would be unable to fulfill his duties as king without the woman he loved. My parents told he that story as a kid and they said, "Always follow your heart." I have and I have never regretted it.

I can't wait to see where this goes in future parts. Thank you for bringing some of my life and love choices into better focus through this lens of Claude and Danny.
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Ch 13b Heart in Hand Comment

Alex and Sid story:

I love how it was the letters from the kids that did it; I can really see that. I get letters, comments and post-course evaluations from my students, some years later, and they mean a lot more to me than the peer evaluations of my colleagues or the professional criticisms (both good and bad) of my boss. There is something so simple and honest about them that I can see why Alex's decision came so quickly. What is so amazing is that after making the biggest decision of his life, he sits down to write to the kids. God has blessed us to have him and him with the courage.
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The Power of Love to Heal

Chapter 32 in the saga of Buster and Tim
Thank you for another chapter!
I haven't been to San Francisco since the 70's so I had to Google the Folsom Street Fair - wow! Portland, Maine is just a tiny bit more tame. I can see Zito getting ready to let himself come out and not have to put up any deceptions. Tim, too is wide-eyed and curious about lifestyles he has only begun to experience. When Buster was told by Zito that Tim and Buster had no happiness in their futures, Buster's fears took over and now Tim has to even convine him that they had an agreement to the end of the season. If Tim wants, needs and loves Buster so much, and Buster equally if not more in return, why do they let the doubts or hard times get in the way of their careers? Room together on the road guys, try to talk about your fears, hopes, and dreams and visit every day at home, cheer for each other during the game and hold down distractions afterward like Zito's meddling. Buster and Tim spark the energy in the whole team; Bochy knows it and he may be more perceptive than anyone knows about why.

Does Zito interfere because of the crush Zito has on Tim, or because of some quixotic crusade to save them from romantic disaster? I just don't see it as altruistic. Repeated references to Kristen stab at Buster's gut, but I suspect in some way she already knows and she just might understand knowing it gives the Buster she loves additional joy that she can't.

I stay confident in the power of love. When I was a kid, I heard of King Edward 8th of England who gave up the throne to marry the woman he loved. I didn't get it at a young age but in later life I understood perfectly. My parents always told me to follow my heart, and so accepting myself as gay was never a struggle.
Please keep writing - I look every day for more, and again my deepest thanks for sharing Buster and Tim with us.
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Diatribe on Buster Posey/Tim Lincecum Chapter 31

If you haven't found check it out!
31 Chapters to this point of fanfiction love between Buster Posey and Tim Lincecum.
Chapter One is October 2010, and 31 came up a few days ago. Well worth the long read!!

What a great start to chapter 31: Wilson and Tim's banter, Tim thinking of Buster as he falls asleep, and then we hear, "I miss you, you son of a bitch" followed by "Are you free tonight?" My heart was pounding like theirs and I see and feel Tim's brilliant smile. But when Zito notices and ducks into the clubhouse, I gasped, "Oh, no!" Of course, his little tricked worked to keep you two apart, but Tim and Buster, you let it happen! Zito lectured you each how hopeless your love was a while back. Didn't that trigger a red flag? Your love is so passionate, deep and consuming, Barry can not know, so stand up for it! When Zito shows up with the brownies out of the blue, you Tim let him stay even after he starts the lecture about Buster again. Why not say, "Look, Barry, I'm in love with him and yes, it's worth it to me. He's coming over in a few minutes and I'd rather you not be here. Can I have one brownie before you go? I'll talk to you tomorrow." Buster, you too are letting Zito come between you and Tim. Why accept what that text said? It wasn't from Tim. You were the one invited, so go in and protect the love of your life. Once you and Tim looked at each other with those loving eyes, Zito would wilt and slink away. I was so knotted and upset reading the next pages that I was sobbing with Buster, tears dripping into the keyboard. It was all clear from before when Zito dug into Buster about Tim at the pool, and Buster asked, "You got a thing for him?" The silence said it.
Guys, don't listen to Barry! Your love is worth it. Your love is big enough to all Buster to have and love Kristen, maybe it will allow Zito to have some of Tim's love at some point, but don't let him destroy what you have now. I slept badly after reading this and woke with all this screaming in my head.
I hope I haven't bored anyone but this chapter got me riled the most of all. Peace be with you, Buster and Tim. I love you both for the magic you have.
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Red Sox and Bruins

What a super day was yesterday's Red Sox game with the Bruins coming through Fenway on the duckboats. My favorite baseball players cheering those wonderful hockey players was a beautiful sight. It was great to see the Bruins smiling broadly and not covered up with all their equipment. Former Bruins like my boys Hunwick and Wheeler were there in spirit, as were former Sox from the two World Series teams. As I write this the tears are streaming down my face - why are these thoughts making me cry??
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